Price List

Roof Wash, House Soft Washing, and Concrete Pressure Washing Prices

Below is a starting price list. We provide this for you to make an informed decision about whether the services we offer are appropriate for your clean. When you contact us, one of our specialists in your area will give you a fixed price FREE quotation with full details of the clean.

Luxury Homes

·Premium Package From $847 ·Deluxe Package From $647 ·Basic Package From $397

Large Homes

Premium Package From $427 Deluxe Package From $337 Basic Package From $267

Medium Homes

Premium Package From $327 Deluxe Package From $247 Basic Package From $187

Concrete Cleaning

· Large Driveways: $197 · Medium Driveways: $147 · Small Driveways: $127

Gutter Cleaning

· Three Story Homes: $197 · Two Story Homes: $147 · One Story Homes: $87

House Washing

· Large Houses: $397 · Medium Houses: $297 · Small Homes: $197

We highly recommend a House Washing Service Package of  60 – 90 or 180 days keep your properties looking their best.

When you sign for a yearly maintenance package you automatically qualify for a 15% Discount on All of our Services for the next 12 Months.

We can also help you out prior to an inspection, or on an “as needed” basis.

Disclaimer: These prices are not written in stone and are subject to change due to several variables including but not limited to the type of surfaces (stucco, brick, wood, or vinyl), types of windows, the number of windows, severity of cleaning necessary which affects the amount of cleaning products to be used, french panes, storm windows, and screen style. 

Soft wash and other exterior cleaning services usually increase in price depending on roof peaks, angles, square footage, and the level of Algae infestation which may again require a second or third application of detergents. The prices above are merely “guesstimates” to give our customers an idea of average/minimum prices per service. Actual prices will either decrease or increase based on these variables. 

For a more accurate estimate please give us a call at (828) 729-7198

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